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Deaneen and I have over twenty years of experience in the "Luxury Transportation world." We started as Chauffeurs. Deaneen grew into management taking on hiring, onboarding, payroll, driver coordination, and fleet management  I grew into driver management & training, leading to the creation of comprehensive driving and guest care training programs. I took on marketing and sales duties utilizing my skills as a professional photographer and graphic designer. We've spent plenty of time working for others and now we are proud to announce our own venture Silverstone Concierge!

We will take everything we've learned and experienced to bring you the greatest transportation experience ever!

At our core this company is a journey rather than a destination. We are using this company as a vehicle (pun intended) to our goal of creating the Silverstone Ranch, a not for profit facility available for everyone. We will offer retreats, workshops, conferences, relax and heal. A wellness ranch for those who can afford a luxurious experience and can benefit those who may not have the means. As you become our guests you are directly contributing to the Silverstone Ranch! We want you to know you are in good hands. We truly care about relationships and are looking forward to growing one with you!

Give us a call and let's get started!